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India calling – launch plans
June 24, 2009

I am delighted to be combining work and pleasure during this India vacation.  Delhi launch is on 29th June, Bangalore is on 3rd July, Mumbai is 7th and Chennai 8th. And Finally the home town Hyderabad.   The city selection is not by choice. I am also doing my day job for some of those days and only in my evenings I will be able to devote some time for such activities. Talk of work-life balance 🙂

More updates about the launch logistics will be posted on Facebook, Twitter & Linked in.  In the meantime, calling all friends to as we Indians love to say  ” Put in a good word”  I am fervently hoping that this book will inspire a host of young people.  So spread the good word, particularly to young ones in your sphere of life.




Book Launch – I will survive
June 24, 2009

Its not often you get a chance to say,  I am happy to announce the launch of my book.  Here is my first ever book, an inspirational memoir ”  I will survive – Comeback stories of a corporate warrior” published by Westland Publishing India. 

Read more about the book and the endorsements here :

This has been an enriching and exacting experience.. Watch this space

Debut author – Sunil

lead and be liked
June 24, 2009

Often i found that these two can be at cross purposes. If your innate desire is to be liked and often leading others can cause you to be disliked. I found that those who can lead and be liked are usually great communicators. And great communicators, of whom I am forever studying, always set their expectations clearly. And have fun along the way. They may do a lot more things but if you can let people have fun while accomplishing the common goals, then you are doing fine.. 

I always take the time to build networks first before I start to define how we can potentially work together. There may be times you may not get what you want but atleast you would have had some pleasurable exchanges, which would have been drudgerous and boring otherwise.


Any reax?

how to keep a kid busy while being productive
June 19, 2009

Take him to a bookstore – I usually cant think of anything better than a Barnes & Noble.  While they browse the kids area, we can catch the latest.

My library is a savior at times. Although my son invariably gravitates to the computers there to play video games, atleast i can dispense with my business there.

I cant think of many creative ways to do this but if others have cracked this, please wont you share some ideas…..

good example of writing
June 10, 2009

Tarun Tejpal is a talented man. I dont always agree with his ideas but there are times when i gape at his ability to push his pen, push the envelope. Running constant through his article he sets up a frame of reference – Sonia’s faith in God and then crafts a beautiful dialogue.

Despite a couple of inaccuracies, the story is well-written. Like someone said in an e-group that i belong ” Tarun is either excessively clever or exccessively sycophantic”

technology turkey
June 7, 2009

I am now officially “addicted” I now develop “cold turkey” if I am not hooked for more than two or three hours. Yes, I am talking about the withdrawal symptoms one gets when one does not get the “fix” one desperately wants.

If you have seen the three words that i placed in quotes – they are usually used in the same sentence when one is describing a person who is hooked to drugs. The term cold turkey is the horrible, sick phenomenon of physical and emotional turbulence that sets in when you are away from the drug that your body and mind are so deeply craving for consumption.

Origin: In the state of drug withdrawal the addicts blood is directed to the internal organs leaving the skin white and with goose bumps and thus resembling a turkey.” (

There is another expression called “plane turkey” which means direct and uncomfortable speaking of the truth. Someone needs to do a plane turkey to me about getting me cold turkeyed off technology.

You cannot use the word Turkey as a verb but in this day of uninhibited expression who can stop me from liberally bending the rules of grammar. 🙂

a tale of two pities
June 4, 2009

I was mortified when Andrew Symonds was shunted out of the Australian cricket team.  Despite the fact that we can never be surprised with either him or his bete noire in the Indian team, I am saddened. Really, what a waste of talent and stature. But this post is not just about him. Remember a guy called Vinod Kambli – I feel sad about him too. Although his career ended for simply cricketing reasons, I feel strongly that his career deserved a better ending.

Now it is time for people to jump up and tell me how it is not just about talent but self-discipline. Now is the time for the conservatives to pontificate about virtues and staying within bounds.  Now is the time to sound the clarion call and shout warnings to anyone who dares to be different.   OK, I concede – This time around he may have gone too far. But is there more to this story than what meets the eye?  Are there strong personality clashes that are couched within terms like discipline, larger good of the team et al>…. Surely Ponting himself is no poster boy for good behaviour.  He has had his share of skirmishes with controversy. 

Mavericks have a way of capturing the imagination of the masses. Andrew Symonds may have to go but dont yet speak death to the brilliant, geniuses.  I’ll miss you Symonds, Like I miss Kambli, or even L Sivaramakrishnan.   Someone please pass me a tissue…

my heart is bleeting
June 3, 2009

OK, As these web tools proliferate, one must constantly keep asking the question, To what end? So who cares about blogs, or tweets? or even a combination of the two, bleets? I am of the opinion of that while these tools are unique and empower us to keep talking, I dont see an equal amount of effort or tools deployed in the otherside of the equation – Listening. I wish someone develops killer applications that help us – listen, observe, hear a lot more. So i can keep bleeting till i go read in my face, if no one is listening then I am talking to myself. there is a word to describe people who talk to themselves when no-one is listening – Lunatics. So any ideas on how we can pause for a moment in this information overloaded, high decibel, environment?

We need to ask ourselves – how can these tools improve my ability to converse?

Journalism Outsourced
June 3, 2009

A newspaper not far from where i live, in Connecticut outsourced some content to Indian journalists and what was still confined to speculation and even sarcasm has turned a reality.

Yes – articles written for a local community were outsourced. Now what is unimaginable about the entire experiment was a paradigm shift, a crumbling of the last frontier. Now if a journalist even in Connecticut has to pick the phone to interview a subject then it may as well be done out of India. The only radical aspect of this experiment was that they outsourced reporting. Reuters, Bloomberg and leading research houses have already leveraged the huge talent pool India has to offer for the back office research and writing purposes.

All I can say as an industry buff is More power to such adventurists.