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Master of Timing
December 23, 2009

It is a pity that we dont often time things right and than can lead to tragic disasters.  Tiger Woods – enough hyperventilation and equally enough stuff said. Summed up in One sentence – Come clean and come clean on time. You can run, tiger but you can never hide.

Closer Home, P Chidambaram is turning out a master of bad timing. While I am a big fan of this erudite minister the last two times he went to the media about Telangana state, he caused trouble. The intent may be good but the timing was impulsive. Today he apparently made another statement that is grinding AP to another halt.

Dude, you gotta do better than that. Not when the entire state is going into the holiday mood and year end euphoria.

A word aptly spoken, is like an apple of Gold.


Holiday Stress
December 21, 2009


While most folks are gearing themselves to party and bid adieu to the year, what is supposed to be a stress-relieving, exciting festive season, it usually turns out to be stressful, adrenaline filled activity.  But in all this mad rush, we  forget to either celebrate a year that we lived and fail to plan for the year ahead.

Why should we celebrate the year that went by? Like someone said” “Anyday as long as it is not six feet underground is a goodday”, we have to be grateful for life itself.  How true, the only ones without problems are those who are departed from us. So if you had tons of problems, believe me nothing is bigger than life-threatening problems.

The second aspect is planning for the year ahead. It is imperative to plan. Otherwise by the time we embrace the year fully, January would have passed by. It is extremely important to know atleast what are some of the key goals you aspire to achieve in the year. But the blueprint has to be ready when the calendar turns January 1. 

I am a big believer in goals. There are times that I fall short, and even  completely miss the mark. But atleast I knew what i had set out to achieve rather than have them in my mind.

Spending a few hours before you put on the party shoes will help you celebrate knowing fully well that you are all set to usher in the new year.

In the mean time, go break a leg.

End the year on a high
December 12, 2009

Depending on how you look, this year was a year of reckoning. There were many cataclysmic events as well as the mundane but to me it was a defining year. What about you? Have you had a good year? If you didnt and are dying ( not literally) to move into the next year, here is a practical suggestion. Why dont you use the next 20 ( nearly) odd days to pursue something that you have been putting off? A new game, A long pending make over, A reunion- whatever….. If you are anyway in 2010 mode, these are bonus days and just go and make them count.  That way, you’ll get into a warm up mode and are better positioned to embrace the new year.

End the year on a high, Like i just read from Calvin & Hobbes,”the trouble with the future is, it always turns to the present”

As they say in this part of the world “Go, got em, tiger”.

my home town is in turmoil
December 9, 2009


Democracy as some one said is the best of all evils. It is times such as these that reinforce the tragedy of a democracy. Parochial interests threaten to rip the societal fibre apart. Anyone who raises a contrarian viewpoint is beaten to pulp. So much for respect of dissenting voices.

Cant we all agree to disagree?

eye of the tiger – Survivor
December 7, 2009

The world is agog with the debate on Tiger Woods. Public morality versus Privacy Debates have taken center stage again. Rather surprisingly even leading names like Pritish Nandy and Barkha Dutt who are the liberal side of Indian media have taken public stands on this issue.  Not surprisingly much of the discusion has been so far around, the commercial ramifications on Tiger as a brand, an iconic figure, ad nauseaum, ad infinitum.

Iconic figures have rather intriguing relationships with the media, the masses and even their critics. Right now the corporates who rode on his sporting success are watching the Tiger’s movements like a Hawk.  You dont want to bail out too soon at the same time you dont want to be associated with a public figure who is being taken to the cleaners. 

I propose that all Brands that used him as an endorsement show some gumption. Some independent thinking and either castigate or defend him. No dilly – dallying, No management mumbo-jumbo.

Human beings are forgiving, more so when other human beings transcend human barriers. To err is human, to forgive divine. atleast once.  But before you forgive let the guy fess up for once. Even if its with Aunt Oprah, with all the melodrama.  Seriously, what does it take to just say those three magic words. “I am Sorry”