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Never underestimate, anyone, ever!
March 18, 2011

A teenager’s low popularity convinced her that she was not attractive. She became a top fashion model, hailed by many as the most beautiful woman in the world. All those who had ignored her are now boasting that they had gone to school with Claudia Schiffer!

He was rejected as too awkward and clumsy to be a ball boy in a Davis Cup tennis match: Stan Smith went on to become the officially ranked number one tennis player in the world (1972-1973).

He received an unbroken succession of 743 rejections. Now over sixty million of John Creasey’s Crime novels have been published.

‘What will they send me next!’ said Edmund Hillary’s gym instructor of the puny school boy now known as the man who conquered Mount Everest.

‘Balding, skinny, can dance a little,’ they said of Fred Astaire at his first audition.

Beethoven’s music teacher declared him ‘hopeless’ at composing.

Albert Einstein’s parents feared he was sub-normal.

As Billy Graham preached, a missionary’s daughter battled an almost uncontrollable urge to run out of the meeting. It was his future wife, and it wasn’t conviction that made her squirm. It was her response to what she considered appalling preaching.

“I think I may say without contradiction that when the Paris Exhibition closes, electric light will close with it, and no more will be heard of it.” -Professor Erasmus Wilson of Oxford University

PS: My personal story affirms this principle. They said I would amount to nothing, In a few years, I am sure I can prove them wrong 🙂


Japan – we are praying for you
March 17, 2011

When such catastrophes knock a nation down to its knees, the only respite is we can pray for the best.  I wish all the countries, corporations and NGOs come together to show that we not just care with our words but with our hands as well.  Do let us know if we need to do something in addition to just praying!.

These are difficult times for everyone in the Middle East, Far East. What on earth is happening!

Cause related marketing
March 17, 2011

OK, After procrastinating for a long time,  have finally embraced a cause dear to me, and another dear colleague, actually a former boss. I will be devoting a major portion of the year’s leisure time or personal time to a group of people who are making a difference in the lives of children who suffer from autism.  ” Autism is curable and children with Autism can learn.” 

It humbled me no end, just to discover that we have more things that we take for granted. Do link up with me if you know anyone who is looking to write about autism or parents who need information on autism. I may be able to hook them up with resources or resource people..